Creativity & Media

Fiifi is an artist, Sybil is a musician and so is their oldest son Jeremy! This means we can't help but create all kinds of things that we hope will make life fun and exciting for others. Sybil has one major disclaimer though: she does not sew!



We have original gospel, hi-life, and contemporary songs in production!



Sybil currently has a children's TV program, educational health videos for adults and a talk show in development!


John Antzy by Fiifi Pentsil

The Ultimate Husband by Fiifi Pentsil

Motherhood Redefined by Sybil Pentsil

Free to Dance by Sybil Pentsil

Teamwork by Personality by Sybil Pentsil

School of Ministry by Fiifi & Sybil Pentsil

Making Marriage Work by Fiifi & Sybil Pentsil

The 7 Days of Business Creation by Fiifi Pentsil


Fiifi's art pieces are made of tiny pieces of straw that are glued together to create amazing scenaries like ships at sea, people and places. 


Make the world a better place! Start with your life, and I'll start with mine!