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The "O" Factor

New from Better Life Today in 2018! Check out The "O" Factor and learn vital relationship principles for women!

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John Antzy

Are you wise? Do you know the ways of the wise? Have you learnt the secrets of the smallest yet most efficient of all creatures?



The Ultimate Husband
Ever wondered what the Proverbs 31 woman's husband was like? Want to know the kind of husband you'll need in order to be a virtuous wife? Do you want to know more about the law of kindness and how to 'work' a relationship with it? It's all right here, in The Ultimate Husband!

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Motherhood Redefined

Mothers' Day is coming!  Get this book on motherhood from Dr. Sybil Pentsil! Your perspective of what it means to be a mother will never be the same. With a special chapter on dealing with the pain of not having children this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about children!


Free to Dance

Ever struggled with your thoughts and emotions? Do you know anyone dealing with depression? Would you like to soar again, and not only look but also FEEL great! Well, its time for your dance class! Purchase Free to Dance today!


A Marriage That Works

A Marriage That Works is a marriage counseling manual that will take you through training on communication, understanding your role as a husband or wife, working with finances, family, romance and much, much more! If you apply the principles in A Marriage That Works, you will indeed enjoy a wonderful marriage! Purchas it today!

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